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Mirror MEGA, nên dùng không?


Như các bạn biết thì MEGA vừa ra đời hôm nay:

Topic này để nhận ý kiến về chất lượng của nó khi dùng làm host mirror :slight_smile:


Hiện giờ nó đang bị overload, chưa test được~


up file hình có 183KB mà chờ nó “pending…” gần 1 phút =))


^Thì đấy, đợi khi nào nó ổn định đã rồi hẵng bàn.
Ta pending gần 10p mà còn chưa được đây này~


hết beta cái đã.
mà shit thật. pending 4ever.


pending nửa tiếng rồi đây này :robot:


login vào còn lâu, còn cái file up thử thấy pending từ nãy


vãi pending :yaoming:


Để con VPS up thử vài cái, thấy pending từ trưa tới giờ, vãi~


vào thì nó bảo , ồ bạn hãy like page Mega trên face để được premium 1 tháng, nhưng trong 1 tháng đó chúng tôi còn phải sửa chữa hoàn thiện các chức năng


I have forgotten my password. Can I reset it?
Unfortunately, your MEGA password is not just a password - it is the master encryption key to all of your data. If you lose it, you lose access to all of your files that are not in a shared folder and that you have no previously exported file or folder key for.



Ngồi đợi nó load site…ngứa không chịu nổi…có ai bị như mình không?


load lâu vãi cả ra ấy


Pending 30p cho 1 file 18MB.
Đến giờ chưa thấy nhúc nhích
Hàng mới có khác :yaoming: .


Quả này bom xịt cmnr ~


Đang quá tải mà. Mới 1 tiếng mở cửa mà đã quất 250k lượt đăng kí rồi:eesh:
Chờ thiên hạ bớt nhốn nháo rồi thử vậy :yaoming: .


Chắc phải đợi tầm 2~3 ngày nữa.
Công nhận lượt truy cập khủng thật, tối qua mình không thể vào nổi luôn~


Mình register mà nó load không nổi luôn :yaoming:


Đã có người ý kiến đề phòng

Megaupload Returns…
But, I feel there is something many are not realising, and it is important to know this. Megaupload has started to use a special encryption, meaning they cannot see what you are uploading and allowing others to download. This means that they cannot be held accountable for any illegal activity that goes on on the site. Which means if the FBI focus on Megaupload, the consequences will fall on you. Megaupload has made itself prosecutable, because under their terms and conditions, all liability now goes to the users. Which means if the FBI chooses to go in search of those uploading illegal content, or downloading illegal content, they cannot prosecute the site or owners. There is only one person they can prosecute, and that is the user. And I feel that users, tumblr especially, will not realise that, and continue on using it as they did. So if you use it as you did, you now run a much higher risk of being caught. And I thought you should know that. Be careful.


Take a look at Megaupload’s new privacy policy: the lack of privacy and permanent storage of all users’ information is a dead giveaway that Megaupload will cooperate when the government comes a’knocking:

[INDENT][I]We keep the following personal information:

  • When a user signs up for particular services on our website they may need to give us the details required in our registration form and keep that information up to date;
  • Communication logs, traffic data, site usage and other information related to us supplying the services (including for serving of advertising material on our site);
  • Any personal information included in data uploaded to our system including but not limited to registration information.[/I]
    We keep records of IP addresses used to access our services. [/INDENT]
    In fact, Megaupload even says so itself:

[INDENT]If we think it is necessary or we have to by law in any jurisdiction then we are entitled to give your information to the authorities.
We reserve the right to assist any law enforcement agency with investigations, including and limited to by way of disclosure of information to them or their agents. We also reserve the right to comply with any legal processes, including but not limited to subpoenas, search warrents (sic) and court orders. [/INDENT]
…or give your user information “to any other person,” which seems to be going over the line, IMHO:

We can use any information we have about you as a customer relating to your creditworthiness and give that information to any other person for credit assessment and debt collection purposes.

Well, so much for anonymity.
You know, I have to admit that is the most brilliant lawyer-proof setup Kim Dotcom could’ve used. Other file sharing sites were inspired by Megaupload, and they’ll surely imitate its particular usage of special encryption, which goes hand-in-hand with lack of user privacy… In the future, I would recommend keeping an eye on the other file sharing sites’ privacy policies, especially if Megaupload becomes successful once again.


Ở Việt Nam thì chắc chưa sao :-?


túm lại nó là cái gì


Ý nhắc nhở là Mega hiện giờ đẩy hết trách nhiệm về phía người dùng, và rằng người dùng có thể bị truy tố~